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Humanitarian, Refugee and Protection Visas

Humanitarian, Refugee and Protection visas

You may be eligible for this visa if you are an individual who is subjected to persecution or discrimination in your home country.  

What are some of the common requirements for this visa?

  • You must have a well-founded fear of living in or returning to your home country.
  • You are experiencing substantial discrimination amounting to gross violation of human rights in your home country.
  • There are visas under the humanitarian framework that requires a sponsor who is either an Australian citizen or an Australian community organisation.
  • You must pass the character test.

What can you do with this visa?

  • Most the visas under the humanitarian framework allow the holder to live permanently in Australia.
  • You may include family members in the visa application.
  • You may include children that over the age of 25 years if they meet the eligibility requirements.
  • You can work with this visa.

What can SMG do for you?

If you are subjected to persecution or discrimination in your home country, SMG can assist you with the preparation and submission of your humanitarian visa application. 

If you want to sponsor an individual who is subjected to persecution or discrimination in his or her home country, SMG can also assist you or your organisation with the preparation and submission of the humanitarian visa application.

The migration lawyer of SMG has successfully submitted visa applications under the Australian humanitarian framework. In addition, the experience of SMG’s migration lawyer in this type of visa application extends to the following: 

  • interviewing the visa applicant and sponsor (if any); 
  • preparing the Statement of Claims of the visa applicant; 
  • completing the required forms; 
  • collating all the supporting documents; 
  • drafting the legal submission to explain the humanitarian claims of the visa applicant;
  • submitting the application to the correct section of the Department of Home Affairs; and
  • corresponding with the Department of Home Affairs. 

The migration lawyer of SMG also understands that the Australian government and the Department of Home Affairs have strict guidelines on the grant of this visa which is why all cases are carefully assessed and well-prepared.

Kindly contact SMG if you need migration assistance under the Australian humanitarian visa framework.

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