Applications to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT)

Had a visa application refused?

Had a visa cancelled?

Had a citizenship cancelled?

It is important to immediately seek legal advice if your visa application had been refused, or your Australian visa or citizenship had been cancelled.

Our team of lawyers in Sunshine Migration Group will evaluate if you have review rights to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal. Additionally, our team will also assist you to submit your application for review in the right way and ‘ON TIME’ which is very critical as the AAT has strict time limitations.

As our client, our dedicated team in Sunshine Migration Group can assist you in:

  • Developing strategic and strong arguments
  • Preparing legal submissions to the AAT
  • Supporting you in gathering documents to support your appeal
  • Organising expert witnesses if applicable
  • Attending the hearing with you
  • Ensuring that you have a lawful hearing
  • Liaising with the AAT
  • Identifying further appeals or Ministerial Intervention

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